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The Attitudinal Survey was developed by MC2 Assessment and Evaluation in collaboration with Elaine Seymour and the ChemLinks evaluation group. In its several iterations, it has been administered to more than one thousand general chemistry students at institutions affiliated with both the ModularCHEM and ChemLinks Consortia.

The survey has both Pre and Post components, designed to be administered at the beginning and end of the course in order to measure attitudinal change as a result of instruction. The Pre-Survey asks students to rate their agreement (on a five-point scale) to general statements of preference, such as: "It is important to me that a course provide time for discussing ideas." These elements are repeated on the Post-Survey, allowing students to re-evaluate what they now perceive to be their instructional needs. Where appropriate, the repeated Post-Survey items are also paired with a course-specific statement: "This course was organized so that we were encouraged to discuss ideas." By comparing student responses to the repeated attitudinal questions, and evaluating any change in light of their responses to the course-specific paired question, we hope to be able to isolate and identify the interactions of student attitudes and instructional techniques that contribute to the success of a particular course.

During the past academic year, we mailed paper copies of the surveys along with a quantity of blank scantron forms to interested professors who would return the completed surveys to us for scanning and scoring. Beginning this fall, we will offer a second option to those institutions with adequate student access to the world-wide web: a web-based Attitudinal Survey featuring automated data compilation and scoring, and instant, password-protected access to a variety of statistical and comparative analyses for professors.

An abbreviated sample version of the Web-based Survey is posted for examination.

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