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Attitudinal Survey Example

This is a non-functioning example of the on-line survey. The Pre-Class Survey contains 40 questions, and the Post-Class Survey contains 72 questions. On both surveys, part one asks students to rate their agreement with a series of statements about science and science classes; part 2 presents a set of multiple-choice items that provide a demographic sketch of each class.

Last 4 digits of your Student ID number:

(We request four digits of the ID number in order to match an individual student's pre and post surveys for analysis purposes. These last four digits are likely to be unique within the population of a single class, and yet, once encrypted by a randomly-generated algorithm unique to each class, the four digits could not be used to positively match a student name to the data. Pending approval of the Human Subjects Office, we hope to be able to consider a students' voluntary submission of the four-digit number as implied consent for the compilation and analysis of their surveys, thus eliminating the need to collect and manually enter data from signed consent forms.)

Part 1: Class Experiences

Please indicate your agreement or disagreement
with each of the following statements.
1 It is important to me that a course provide time for discussing ideas.
2 I like courses that encourage me to discover some of the ideas for myself.
3 Science, as it is practiced in the real world, is objective and unbiased.
4 I value being able to apply chemistry ideas to everyday situations.

Assuming the following activities are equally
well-implemented, I learn well by ...
8 doing homework assignments.
9 using diagrams and other visual media.
10 listening to lecture.
11 reading and re-reading materials.
12 working with my lab partner.

I know I understand when ...
24 I can work problems in the book.
25 I can apply ideas to new situations.
26 I get a good grade on an exam.

Part 2: Background Information

29. Which of the following categories best represents your age:

30. Which of the following represents your year in college:

31. What is your gender:

32. What is your intended major:

33. How many years of high school chemistry did you complete:

Further Questions ask for SAT scores, ethnicity, anticipated grade in the course, how many more courses in science, math and/or chemistry students intend to take, etc.


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