Chem Connections


As of the summer 2003, W. W. Norton became the new publisher of the
ChemConnections modules. The modules are available as booklets with
paper format, as pdf files, or may be packaged with the Norton
general chemistry textbook, Chemistry: The Science in Context, at a
substantial discount. If you are using the textbook, you may also
download modules in pdf format for $2.00 per module. Additional
information about the modules, including pricing, packaging, and
order can be found at:

For information on the module titles, authors, ISBN numbers, available formats and pricing, please click here.

For additiional information on the skills and concepts tested in each module, please click here.

07/23/2002: We have completed our move to LLNL's Education server.

10/05/2000: We have combined the MC2 and Chemlinks websites into the new ChemConnections page

11/05/98: Chemistry Topics Covered by the Modules

10/18/98: A Message from Brad Moore

10/18/98: Modules Available for Beta testing

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