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UCB Enhanced Rasmol

Copyright© 1995, 1996 UC Regents/ModularCHEM Consortium.
RasMac v2.5-ucb1.3 is based on RasMol v2.5, Copyright© 1993, 1994 Roger Sayle
RasMac v2.6-ucb is based on RasMol v2.6, Copyright© 1995, 1996 Roger Sayle
Enhanced by the MultiCHEM Facility, University of California, Berkeley

What is Rasmol?

RasMol is an excellent and free molecular viewer available for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX platforms.

How has MultiCHEM enhanced the program?

  • Multiple Molecules: Up to five molecules can be viewed in the same canvas window.
  • Molecules Window: New window displays molecules currently loaded, allows selection of active molecule.
  • Toolbar: Commonly used commands are easily accessed from a graphical toolbar.
  • World Rotation: Individual molecules can be rotated about their individual centers of gravity, or the entire world can be rotated around the center of the screen.
  • Bond Rotation: Part of a molecule can be rotated about a bond.
  • Distance Command: Find distance between two atoms
  • Angle Command: Find angle between 3 atoms
  • Dihedral Angle Command: Find dihedral angle of 4 atoms
  • Distance/Angle Labels: Distances, angles and dihedral angles are labeled directly on the molecule.
As well as some minor, yet very useful changes:
  • Printing is always black on white to avoid having to print a black background (changing of the background color through the command window will force the specified color to print).
  • Exact horizontal or vertical movements with the mouse result in molecule movement.
These new features were added through ruthless hacking, but the program is behaving pretty stably.

Future Plans

  • We are considering updating the code so it is compatible with System 9.
  • Record and playback animations of molecules interacting without the bloat of QuickTime movies.

Known Problems/Bugs

  • V2.6 has some problems with the stereo option
  • Some script commands do not work with our enhanced versions.
  • Not all file imput formats work properly with version 2.5

Downloading RasMol - All versions

All Mac files are in a self-extracting archive in BinHex format. You will need a BinHex decoder configured as a "Helper Application" for your browser. PC files are also self-extracting.
  • Version 2.5 UCB enhanced Click to download RasMac v2.5-ucb, version 1.3 RasMac-v2.5-ucb1.3.sea.hqx Mac only.

  • Version 2.6 Beta - UCB enhanced The new version of RasMol v2.6-ucb is now available for MAC, PC, and UNIX platforms.

  • Version 2.5 - Original from Roger Sayle If you would like to try the original RasMac v2.5, the original version is available for PC, MAC, and UNIX platforms.

Your Feedback

Comments and bug reports to

Classroom Uses

Smells Database

Databases of Molecules

NIH MoleculesR Us - all the proteins and nucleic acids you need
Database of drugs
Brookhaven Protein Data Bank
The 20 amino acids
Many organic molecules from Canada


Quick help screen

Other Rasmol sites

The Rasmol Home page- A site dedicated to the popularization and distribution of RasMol, educational tools for use with RasMol, and other free molecular visualization resources.

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