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Rasmol 2.5-ucb

Copyright© 1995, 1996 UC Regents/ModularCHEM Consortium.
RasMac v2.5-ucb1.3 is based on RasMol v2.5, Copyright© 1993, 1994 Roger Sayle
RasMac v2.6-ucb is based on RasMol v2.6, Copyright© 1995, 1996 Roger Sayle
Enhanced by the MultiCHEM Facility, University of California, Berkeley

Please inform us of problems you are having with this release, we will try to fix major problems quickly.

If your platform is not supported, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Download RasMol v2.5-ucb for:


  • rasmol.sit.hqx
    BinHex'ed self-extracting archive for Mac and PowerMac

Microsoft Windows

    Windows 3.1, Windows 9x and Windows NT


NOTE: The Unix versions do not work on displays with depth > 8bpp. This will be fixed shortly.

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