Organic Name Reactions
A rich collection of numerous organic name reactions.4/06

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
An intuitive WWW resource guide for organic chemists.from Koen Van Allen 5/01

Chemistry Webercises Directory
A collection of educational chemistry resources on the internet. Professor Steve Murov & John Wiley 1/99

Web Tutorials in Organic Chemistry
A broad collection of topics and reactions using 2D and 3D images, Chime animations, energy diagrams, VRML orbital images; some interactivity with structural and reaction variability from WeTChe.NL, CMBI: Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular
Informatics, originally a project of CAOS/CAMM, National Center for Computer-Aided Chemistry and Bio-informatics, the Netherlands.

Intercollegiate Organic Chemistry
Various undergraduate & graduate course materials: exams, classroom materials, a research site with useful links, bulletin boards for discussing topics in organic chemistry, information on women is science and an archive of biographical / academic information on Famous Organic Chemists, plus more. Currently supported by 17 professors from 11 different colleges or universities. Maintained by Prof. Michael Smith, University of Connecticut. 9/97

Tutorials in Organic Chemistry
Koen Van Aken, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven: Various Organic Chemistry Teaching Resources.

Organic Chemistry
Burhard Kirste, Freie Universitat Berlin (Germany): A rich collection of Various Teaching Resources.

Global Instructional Chemistry
Links to materials for the distributed teaching of chemistry: on-line resources to augment and enhance chemistry courses. Prof. Henry Rzepa, Imperial College London. 7/97

Organic Chemistry experiments
University of Wyoming and Dartmouth College

The Organic Laboratory
University of Akron

Columbia University: Professor Nick Turro's Photochemistry Research Group and Projects.

Webster's List of Web Links Sites

A chemistry game program that either matches a structure with its name, or  two structures (i.e. the same compound in different representations). Two downloadable versions: one free and one shareware.  9/02

Organic Chemistry Course Information.
Dr. Sanku Mallik, University of North Dakota, Syllabus and answers to problems

Organic "Courses" on the Interenet

Principles of Proteins: Course on the Internet
Birkbeck College, University of London